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Welcome to CyberSuite, the future-proof SaaS solution designed to empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide exceptional cybersecurity services to their clients. With our innovative platform, you'll discover how simple it is to manage, secure, and optimize your clients' security with penetration testing and other security services.



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Partner with us to leverage our state-of-the-art cybersecurity solution. CyberSuite's SaaS platform is a comprehensive suite that empowers you to serve your clients with efficiency and precision. Through our unique Tenant Portal, you can easily manage your clients' portals, giving you complete control over their security posture.


Benefits for MSPs

CyberSuite provides an array of benefits tailored to meet the dynamic needs of Managed Service Providers. Our platform is designed to elevate your services, driving value to your clients and growth for your business.


Simplified Management

The CyberSuite Tenant Portal provides an intuitive interface for managing your clients' cybersecurity needs. Through this portal, you can effortlessly configure, monitor, and manage multiple client accounts from a single, centralized location.


Advanced Security

Elevate your service offerings by leveraging our AI-powered cybersecurity engine. Ensure your clients' networks are continually protected with our 24x7 penetration testing and advanced security services.


Quick Remediation

Our platform supports an accelerated remediation lifecycle with unlimited retesting. You can provide your clients with rapid, effective solutions to their security vulnerabilities, enhancing your value proposition and building trust.


Compliance Assurance

Assist your clients in meeting their regulatory compliance obligations. With CyberSuite, you can ensure they comply with industry regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO, NIST, and more.


Enriched Reporting

Offer your clients complete transparency and insight into their security posture with our enriched reporting, trending, and dashboards. Deliver downloadable findings in CSV format and full reports in PDF format.


Earn More with Our
Reseller Program

We understand the power of partnerships, and that's why we've set up a lucrative reseller program for our MSP partners. At CyberSuite, your success is our success, and we believe in sharing the rewards.


Reseller Benefits
You Can't Ignore

As a valued CyberSuite partner, you'll earn attractive reseller fees every time you introduce a new client to us. Our generous referral program is designed to appreciate and recognize your efforts in expanding our CyberSuite community. This additional revenue stream further enhances your bottom line, providing a return that grows along with your client base.


Reseller Process

Referring a client is a simple process. Once you sign up your client with your reseller code, your client's portal will be accessible from your tenant portal.

Join us in our mission to provide superior cybersecurity solutions to businesses worldwide, and let's grow together with the CyberSuite reseller program. Start earning with every successful referral and let your network work for you.

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